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Civil Rights: Oh, Freedom!

The inspiring story of the non-violent Civil Rights Movement, as it shared the struggle for Black equality, is narrated by Andrew Young. We witness the courage of African Americans like Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Fannie Lou Hamer as they boldly confronted racist oppression.

28 minutes DVD $190

Black Inventors:
Black Men and Iron Horses

This film rediscovers the African American inventors whose genius built safety, speed, and reliability into American railroading. A. Philip Randolph discusses the struggle of the Black labor movement which sought to transform this racially segregated industry.

18 minutes DVD $190

The Marian Anderson Story:
Lady in the Lincoln Memorial

African American women like Marian Anderson have fought tirelessly to overcome racism in America. This film follows the remarkable career of this musical artist from obscure small churches to great opera houses and to her triumphant concert at the Lincoln Memorial. We witness how one woman's life in music was a victory of faith, of talent, and of character.

18 minutes DVD $190

A. Philip Randolph:
Portrait in Black

In candid reminiscences, A. Philip Randolph recalls his historic confrontations with American Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy. His courageous battle helped force open the door of equality for African American men and women workers. We see why this fearless Black leader became a legend in the American labor movement.

10 minutes DVD $90

Immigrant from America

Unlike every other immigrant to America, the Black African came to a land of bondage, not freedom. This provocative film explores how the African American has used education, economic strength, and political power to overcome a legacy of racist obstacles.

20 minutes DVD $190

The Color of Justice

Throughout our history, the African American's struggle for freedom has been linked to decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. This documentary recounts the long and troubled judicial journey from the Dred Scott Decision in 1857 to Brown vs. the Board of Education in 1954.

26 minutes DVD $190

The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer:
Never Turn Back

We witness the moving story of a valiant heroine of the Civil Rights struggle in Mississippi. Her courage inspired the poor and voiceless to demand the vote and to finally achieve political power. Her triumph is measured by the Black men and women who now take their rightful seats in City Halls, State Legislatures, and the U.S. Congress.

60 minutes DVD $190

30 minutes DVD $190
(Abbreviated version)

The Charles Drew Story

The inspiring biography of Dr. Charles Drew who developed America's first blood bank system. From All-American athlete at Amherst to pioneering research scientist, Dr. Drew cleared every racist hurdle in a tragically shortened life.

16 minutes DVD $190

Andrew Young

The African American has fought for more than a century to enter the American political arena. This film relates that struggle from Reconstruction to Andrew Young's first race for the U.S. Congress from Georgia.

28 minutes DVD $190

About Rediscovery Productions

Producer/Director Bill Buckley and Writer/Artist Tracy Sugarman joined their talents to create Rediscovery Productions.

Bill Buckley, a charter member of the Director's Guild of America, has created film documentaries that have won many awards in the U.S. and abroad. In television, he directed a long list of Public Affairs network shows and worked on the critically acclaimed President Truman series, "Decision." His production credits also include work for two other Presidents. He created a campaign film for John F. Kennedy and produced "The People Speak" for Lyndon Johnson. Mr. Buckley directed six half-hour TV specials for Standard Oil of Ohio on projections in the fields of education, transportation, medicine, agriculture, communications, and urban systems, and produced over one hundred commercials for leading advertising agencies. He is president of B&B Productions (, a company that creates legal documentaries for personal injury attorneys.

Tracy Sugarman brings to Rediscovery Productions his long experience as a reportorial artist and writer. He began creating on-site reportage during World War II and continued to do so for The Saturday Evening Post and Fortune Magazine and for corporations such as IBM, AT&T, and Western Electric. He became the archivist for the civil rights movement's struggle in Mississippi, for Vista's work with poor whites in Appalachia, and for the AFL/CIO's efforts to create housing for Hispanic Americans in Texas. His paintings of the rollout of the Space Shuttle, Columbia, are part of NASA's pictorial history at Cape Kennedy. Sugarman is author of Stranger at the Gates: A Summer in Mississippi, Hill and Wang,(1966); My War: A Love Story in Letters and Drawings, Random House, ( 2000); Drawing Conclusions: An Artist Discovers His America, Syracuse University Press,( 2007) and We Had Sneakers, They Had Guns: The Kids Who Fought for Civil Rights in Mississippi, Syracuse University Press, (2009). More than two hundred drawings, paintings and letters by Sugarman have been acquired by the U.S. Library of Congress. His drawings of the civil rights movement in the South are now permanent archives in Mississippi and in the Schomburg Collection in New York City.

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